Pilots, pioneers and treasure hunters

There are a number of historic gems hidden in the foothills, many of which can be experienced in a day. Start out in Nanton, an easy one hour drive from Calgary. Visit the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, where you can experience real historic aircraft and vehicles up close, inside an aircraft hanger. Then walk two blocks to the Museum of Miniatures, where you can take-in tiny towns, native villages, jungles, and circus’s well as shop in the miniatures store. Alternately, head to the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre, where you will enter a real grain elevator to learn about prairie pioneer life and farming. Nanton is also home to approximately a dozen antique shops as well as The Candy Store, where you can find something unique to take home. On the way home, stop in High River where you can eat at Evelyn’s Memory Lane, a retro dinner straight out of the 1950’s, or eat lunch at the Whistle Stop, a restaurant in a historic train car.

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