One of a Kind Finds Tour

Nanton, High River, Black Diamond, Bragg Creek

approx. 2.25 hours
approx. 195 KM

This One-Of-A-Kind Finds tour is for you… and it will never be the same twice! We suspect you’ll want to do it again and again.

More than 40 cool boutiques, galleries, artisan shops and makers studios grace these four Cool Little Towns, featuring carefully curated and crafted items you will not find anywhere else! Black Diamond and Bragg Creek host a cluster of independent maker studios, shops and galleries. 15 outdoor murals proudly display history in the new High River downtown and Nanton boasts the famous Historic Main Street and Antique & Art Walk of Alberta.

This delightful getaway can be a full day, as detailed below, or half a day if you wish to visit just a few towns… this time. It will easily become a favourite road trip to take over and over again. Hop in your car solo, on a date, with your best roadworthy friends or your family to hit the highway. Head south along the prairie corridor nestled into the low rolling start to the Foothills. Settle in for the day to delight your whimsy.

  • Looking for a quiet stroll down quaint and quirky streets decorated with art and murals?
  • Seeking eclectic, unusual and delightful jewelry, art, clothing and décor you cannot find closer to home?
  • Craving a great coffee and lovely stroll down a small town street with big inspiration?

We recommend these featured activities and businesses:

    • Nanton: Historical Main Street and Antique & Art Walk of Alberta, Classic Rodeo Boutique
    • High River: Evelyn’s Memory Lane Café, The New Downtown featuring Historic Mural Walk featuring 15 murals, Arts and Culture Walk
    • Black Diamond: Bluerock Gallery, Branch Market & Studio, Firebrand Glass Studio
    • Bragg Creek – Suncatchers Design Studio, The River Dragonfly

Check out the events calendar to see live events, festivals, rodeos, pow wows, markets and more that may add even more fun in these Cool Little Towns.

For other café or dining options you may also consider:

        • High River: Colossi’s Coffee House (two locations), The Whistle Stop Café, Rio Alto Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant
        • Black Diamond: The Stop Coffeehouse & Gathering Place or The Westwood
        • Bragg Creek: The Italian Farmhouse or The Bavarian Inn (both after 4pm)

For other art, gallery and shopping experiences you may wish to wander to:

            • Okotoks (on the way to Nanton): Prairies Past Rustic and Barnwood Furniture, Mint and Maple, Ginger Laurier
            • Nanton: Prickly Pear Casa, Blonde & Brash, Willow Creek Forge, Mosaic Art & Gift Gallery, Teazheri
            • High River: Evanescence Gallery, Pike Studios Pottery
            • Black Diamond: Bar 13 Soapworks, Bohemia
            • Millarville Farmer’s Market: rural road off Hwy 22 south of Turner Valley (summer market and Christmas market)
            • Leighton Art Centre: rural road off Hwy 22 south of Turner Valley
            • Bragg Creek: Archer’s Antiques & Custom Furniture

Driving Time: approximately 40 minutes

Distance: approximately 67 km

1. Take Hwy 2 (continuing south) to NANTON

2. Turn east (left) on 20 th Street (Main Street) and Park (free parking).

Recommended stops:

            • Antique Walk of Alberta
            • Classic Rodeo Boutique
Driving Time: 23 minutes

Distance: 32 km

3. Head east on 20th Street
4. Turn north (left) on Hwy 2
5. Take exit 194B for Hwy 23 westbound (12 Ave)
6. Take Centre Street exit north (right)
7. Turn west (left) onto 3rd Avenue into DOWNTOWN HIGH RIVER and park (watch for one way streets).

Recommended stops:

            • Evelyn’s Memory Lane Café
            • Historic Mural Walk
            • Arts and Culture Walk
Driving Time: 26 minutes

Distance: 37 km

8. Head east on 3 rd Ave toward 1 st St

9. Turn north (left) at 2 nd cross street onto Centre Street (Hwy 2A)

10. Turn west (left) on Hwy 543

11. Turn north (right) on Hwy 22

12. Turn west (left) at the 4-way stop into DOWNTOWN BLACK DIAMOND and Park.

Recommended stops:

            • Bluerock Gallery
            • Branch Market & Studio
            • Firebrand Glass Studio
Driving Time: 38 minutes

Distance: 51 km

13. Head west on Hwy 22 to Turner Valley arriving at 4-way stop.

14. Turn right (south) at 4-way stop and continue on Hwy 22.

15. Reaching t-intersection of Hwy 22 & Hwy 22x turn left (west).

16. Turn right (south) at Hwy 22 just past range road 762.

17. Turn left (west) on Balsam Ave. Park in mall parking lot.

Recommended stops:

            • Suncatcher’s Design Studio
            • The River Dragonfly
            • Archer’s Antiques & Custom Furniture
Driving Time: approximately 36 minutes

Distance: approximately 50 km

18. Turn east on Balsam Ave.

19. Turn right (south) on Hwy 22.

20. Reaching t-intersection turn left (east) on Hwy 22.

21. Hwy 22 turns into Hwy 22x.

22. Turn south from right lanes on overpass to MacLeod Trail or Deerfoot