MD Foothills

Encompasses all of the cool little towns and surrounding area.

Tours that include MD Foothills:

The Big, Beautiful Loop Motorcycle Tour

The Municipal District of Foothills is a place of great beauty and stunning scenery that surrounds the Towns of Okotoks, High River, Turner Valley, Black Diamond and the Village of Longview.

History, agricultural heritage, vibrant communities and recreational amenities are built within its beautiful boundaries. The rolling foothills are the panoramic gateways to the mountains. It can be experienced in a day or savored by taking in several cool little towns over a few days.

Recommended Experiences:
The Cowboy Trail, Bar U Ranch, The Leighton Art Centre, Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, Bird Watching at Frank Lake, Spruce Meadows, The Saskatoon Farm, Kayben Farms, Chinook Honey Company and Anchor D Guiding & Outfitting Ltd.

Who says you can't have fun in the country?

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The Cool Little Towns region is home to some fun and unique festivals!

Horde at the Hive - Chinook Honey Company in the MD of Foothills

Spinning yarns by a campfire in the MD of Foothills

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Get out with your family and explore Granary Road in the MD of Foothills

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You never know what surprises are around the corner in the MD of Foothills - like Granary Road

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Twinkle twinkle little star - it's amazing what you can see when you get out of the city!

- the Rothney Observatory in the MD of Foothills

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Photo Opportunities around every corner in the MD of Foothills

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You can't escape culture in our Cool Little Foothills - Azuridge Estate Hotel, MD of Foothills

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Honey mead and hay bales at Chinook Honey Company in the MD of Foothills

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  • Stockman’s Restaurant & Lounge
  • Corner House Cafe
  • Siraia at Sirocco Golf Club
  • Kayben Farms
  • Saskatoon Farms
  • Water’s Edge Pub
  • Jane’ Addiction
  • Longview Steakhouse
  • Azuridge


  • Nature’s Hideaway Campground
  • Hogg Park Campground

For more hospitality options contact the Municipality at (403) 652-2341. Staff will assist you in the right direction based on your travel needs.


  • Head out for a scenic country adventure along the historic Cowboy Trail and discover the beauty of Southern Alberta.
  • Spend a summery Saturday at the famous Millarville Farmers’ Market and stock up on local fresh goodness.
  • Discover iconic Albertan history while taking some incredible photos – from ranching history at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site near Longview, hiking and conservation education programs at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area just off Highway 22x, and natural history at Okotoks Erratic in Okotoks.
  • Explore local arts and culture at the Leighton Art Centre in Millarville.
  • Be mesmerized and get an unobstructed view of the entire night sky at one of Rothney Astrophysical Observatory‘s Milky Way Nights events.