Bragg Creek

30-minute drive from Calgary close to the junctions of Highway 8 & 22.

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Just a quick 30 minute drive west of Calgary, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, you will find the small but charming hamlet of Bragg Creek. The world class hiking, biking, ski and horseback trails along Highway 66 and just west of Bragg Creek have become the hub for all season outdoor adventure. Thrill-seekers also flock to the McLean Creek Provincial Recreation area for off-roading and camping. However, the small hamlet is much more than trails and outdoor adventure, the many boutiques and shops are a draw for day-tripping tourists, as are the unique restaurants. The Bragg Creek art community has seen a recent surge, with many local artists showcasing their wares at shops and studios around town. The hamlet is proud of it’s many festivals that take place year round and bring thousands of people to the area from all over Southern Alberta. If you are looking for a unique experience, in a beautiful mountain setting and don’t want to break the bank, Bragg Creek is for you.

Shopping in Bragg Creek truly offers something for everyone

Beautiful Baubles in Bragg Creek

Dining in Bragg Creek

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Be on the lookout for Bragg Creek's wildlife

Come out to play with us in Bragg Creek all year round!

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Bragg Creek offers miles and miles of scenery to explore in so many ways

Suncatcher's Design Studio in Bragg Creek

It's easy to spend hours exploring Bragg Creek's many boutiques and galleries

Patio Dining at the Italian Farmhouse in Bragg Creek

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One of Bragg Creek's cozy retreats

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Come out to play with us all year round in Bragg Creek

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Enjoy miles and miles of bike trails all around Bragg Creek

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